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Victoria Swamidass, MBA

CEO & Founder

Victoria Swamidass, a proven product launcher, manages PlatformSTL. Victoria personally leads business strategy and oversees product development for our software-based healthcare solutions. With 15 years in the healthcare industry, she is extremely effective in translating and driving business needs with IT, technical, and clinical teams. Victoria founded PlatformSTL to bring exciting new technologies to market for patients and clinicians. She works directly with our academic and clinical partners at Washington University in St. Louis to seamlessly integrate study learnings into our technologies. Victoria holds an MBA and extensive experience leading the development of clinical web tools, with deep expertise in patient and physician engagement strategies. She has led development for healthcare programs that integrate medical devices with cloud-based provider connections, pairing remote monitoring technology with clinical outreach. 


In past roles, Victoria was responsible for the product development and market launch of multi-million and billion-dollar healthcare programs, including web tools and systems for prescription benefits. She served as a Fortune 50 organization’s product lead with responsibility for software-based products and oversaw the clinical and technical aspects of benefit plans covering 20 million Americans.


Mike Blackford

UX Director

Mike leads the user experience development for all PlatformSTL technologies. With more than 15+ years of design and UI experience, Mike creates intuitive interfaces for complex, data-driven platforms and applications. He is skilled both in managing highly technical design needs and empathizing with the user to create cutting edge interactions for complex data solutions. Mike champions the user’s experience, ensuring that PlatformSTL’s tech will best serve patients, clinicians, children, administrators—our customers. Together with our engineers, Mike manages the product development and delivery of platforms—as he has for multi-million dollar services in the financial sector. With both design and technical skills, Mike holds a BFA and senior level experience with several billion-dollar corporations including digital marketing, design, product development, and creation of fully accessible WCAG AA websites. 


Sean Reynolds

Engineering Director 

As engineering director, Sean engineered MVPs for two key PlatformSTL technologies, overseeing all aspects of technical development including design, specifications, and delivery. Sean holds an MS in Computer Engineering and 18+ years of experience with unique expertise in interface integration between softwares and hardwares. Sean excels at rapid prototyping by combining various technologies in innovative and creative fashions. Together with his engineering expertise, Sean is a highly skilled technology leader and critical to PlatformSTL’s product development. As a software engineer, Sean has worked with embedded systems, created sophisticated algorithms for sensor fusion of IMU and Vision systems, created AWS cloud solutions and everything in between. Sean’s hardware experience is extensive, and he is highly experienced in systems integration using various off-the-shelf modules for rapid development. In addition, Sean has led software teams for several successful St. Louis startups from prototype and software development through market test and launch. 


Rick Berry

Information Technology Director

Rick is responsible for defining PlatformSTL’s technical strategy and software development methodologies. Rick is actively engaged during all stages of the development process, including: design, specification, implementation and delivery. He performs application programming, secure web application development, and cloud architecture design and engineering for PlatformSTL’s transplant/diagnostic offerings. He leads all phases of the development cycle, from requirements gathering with our inventors, to design, implementation, and testing. With 20 years of experience and a BS in Computer Science, Rick is an expert-level engineer with a background in scientific programming and research who artfully builds PlatformSTL’s complex healthcare solutions. He is a certified Scrum Master and Scrum Developer, and well-versed in Agile project management. Throughout his career, he has worked with the DoD on several innovative projects including computer vision systems, large-scale GIS systems, and cloud-based web solutions. Rick is extremely capable in building end-to-end solutions for PlatformSTL’s healthcare applications.

Strategic Partner

PlatformSTL partners with researchers at Washington University in St. Louis on each of our four emerging technologies. Our direct working relationship with faculty partners ensures that research study findings are integrated seamlessly into PlatformSTL’s product development process.

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